Sick of IBS Upsetting Your Day? Add L-Glutamine to Your Diet

Sick of IBS Upsetting Your Day? Add L-Glutamine to Your Diet

Every day, nearly 50 million Americans wake up, go to work and do their best to lead normal, functional lives while dealing with an extremely painful, uncomfortable condition known as IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. The men and women who suffer from IBS spend countless hours cruising the internet and consulting their doctors about new methods for the relief of their IBS symptoms.

One increasingly popular remedy is L-glutamine, a naturally occurring amino acid found in some foods. Some advocates of L-glutamine claim that this substance can significantly improve the side effects of IBS.

The Pain of IBS

Mild to moderate irritable bowel syndrome is a reasonably prominent condition in the United States. It’s characterized chiefly by abdominal pain, cramping and bloating when a bowel movement is imminent. Other symptoms can include changes in the duration and appearance of your bowel movements, too.

For the most part, medical professionals will tell patients to look for natural remedies when their IBS is mild. That said, some instances of IBS can prove extremely detrimental to a patient’s overall health. Chronic IBS can cause weight loss, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, vomiting, persistent pain, and difficulty swallowing. These severe symptoms make it extraordinarily challenging to lead a happy life.

Even those people who experience “minor” IBS still look actively for some type of solution.

Meet L-Glutamine

Often, the body makes enough L-glutamine to keep things running efficiently. That said, there are those people who may experience a shortage of L-glutamine. Those people who endure extreme stress, undergo trauma or have conditions like cancer and autoimmune conditions are all at risk for an L-glutamine shortage.

Those people who suffer from IBS may also have a shortage of L-glutamine. Or, they may benefit from an increase in their diet. L-glutamine is designed to help increase the strength of the walls in your esophagus and intestines. These walls are responsible for repelling harmful bacteria in the intestines. There is also some research to suggest L-glutamine can promote immunity in the stomach and quell the painful spasms often associated with bouts of IBS.

Great for Managing Stress-Related IBS

One of the most common causes of irritable bowel syndrome is stress. Internalizing stress and anxiety or dealing with them (without addressing them) for prolonged periods can cause severe distress on your intestines. Not only does stress put duress on your body, it often results in adverse changes to healthy habits. That is, people who are stressed don’t often find time or motivation to eat right, exercise or engage in regular relaxing pastimes. In other words, stress-related IBS is a difficult challenge to overcome because the longer it’s with you, the worse it gets.

When the body is stressed, it releases a chemical called cortisol, also known as the “fight or flight” hormone. When present for long periods, cortisol reduces the amount of L-glutamine in the body. As a result, those people who suffer from stress-related IBS may find some relief by increasing the amount of L-glutamine in their diet.

Complications With L-glutamine

By and large, most people can take L-glutamine without experiencing any problems. That said, for those people suffering from kidney or liver issues, L-glutamine is often not recommended. And, as with anything on the planet, there’s always the risk that someone will develop an allergy to L-glutamine. People who experience an allergic reaction to L-glutamine will get nauseated, and they might suffer vomiting, joint pain and hives.

If you experience any of the above issues, talk to a medical professional immediately.

Where Can I Find L-glutamine?

Because it’s a naturally-occurring amino acid, you can find L-glutamine in several foods. Chicken, fish, spinach, tofu, beans, peas and cabbage are all excellent sources of L-glutamine.

You can also find L-glutamine supplements from your preferred supplier. Keep in mind that you will need to use your L-glutamine supplement carefully to avoid adverse side effects.

Should I Try L-glutamine?

For those people suffering from IBS, the hope of relief could push them to try several treatments. More often than not, L-glutamine should prove harmless. It may even improve your symptoms! When it comes to waking up to another day of disruptions caused by IBS, L-glutamine is worth exploring. The prospect of some relief is often much better than simply trying to make the best of a bad IBS day. Pair an L-glutamine supplement with stress relief exercises and a healthy diet, and it might just be the recipe for relief you’ve been looking for.

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