Complete Human Mission


Complete Human seeks to redefine true health and provide the tools to support each person’s unique journey.

We search the globe to find the highest quality, ethically sourced and scientifically backed ingredients and use those ingredients to create innovative cutting-edge products you and your family can trust.

Complete Human serves the planet by being a pioneer in socially responsible products through our unique supply chain, eco-friendly packaging and by reducing our carbon footprint.



Complete Human recognizes the need to fix the current way we address health. The healthier the people, the healthier the planet, which means the longer humanity will be around. The economical and emotional toll of poor health is incalculable. Our dream is healthier people for a healthier planet. 

We can only survive here if our planet is healthy. Complete Human strives to educate and inspire while providing products that serve our mission. Complete Human is an embodiment of our name's sake where true health and wellbeing is a function of what we eat, the products we use in our daily lives and the responsibility that we feel for our planet. Complete Human is about a better planet today for a brighter tomorrow.


What is a Complete Human? 

Complete and Human are two words that alone have little impact. Put them together and you have a whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  Being a Complete Human is unique to each individual within the categories of mind, body, soul, and planet. But how do you become complete? Can you ever become complete? 

Completeness is something that we are always striving for but it is just out of reach. It is a never-ending story, a journey, a quest that compels us live a certain way. It’s a race with no finish line. We see becoming complete as an ever-expanding upward and outward spiral of learning, application, and growth in every aspect of life.  


Imagine a four-legged table. The legs represent the four pillars of being a Complete Human. If any of the legs are out of alignment, the whole table is unbalanced.  If we focus only on our physical or nutritional health, our mind, soul, our ability to benefit the world is greatly hinderedWe believe that a complete human works diligently to find balance to all areas of life. This includes mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relational, character, financial, life vision and planetary goals. When we break these areas down, we end up with the four pillars of being a Complete Human health and wellness.