Complete Origins

Around 1490, Leonard Davinci sketched what the world now calls the Vitruvian Man. The image was a typical blending of art and mathematics, typical the Renaissance. The image was also Leonardo’s attempt to relate man to the perfection of nature. Complete Human is an extension of that work begun by DaVinci over 600 years ago. (insert image) 

The company founders, who have a collective 6 decades worth of industry experience, all agreed that the world doesn’t need another supplement company. What the world needs is a company who puts people and the planet before profits. We are inspired by the health of our families, powered by integrity, driven by passion, and motivated by a genuine desire to promote optimal wellness. As the founders began their quest to build a vertically integrated company that would source the very best ingredients from all over the world, and use those ingredients to develop innovative and cutting-edge products backed by the latest in scientific understanding, The 4 Pillars emerged as the driving force in our innovation and ethos. Complete Human is a company that believes down to its DNA that we can impact epigenetic change for people and the planet. It’s a lofty goal. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Complete Human is company founded on the principals of ethical sourcing, sustainability and a commitment to providing the very best products for people and the planet. Our 4 Pillars of Epigenetic Change, a process which leads to Bio Optimizationcomes when the pillars are equally balanced. Many believe that Bio Optimization is only relative to the physical health of one’s life, we disagree. At Complete Human we believe that Bio Optimization is only possible when an individual is dedicated and focused on all of these areas as a whole, because each of them inherently supports one another.  


The 4 Pillars of Epigenetic Change 

  1. Mental Fortitude 
  1. Physical Health 
  1. Spiritual Abundance 
  1. Planetary Connection 


Like Davinci, we strive to understand the complexities of man and how man should seamlessly integrate with the natural world. Complete Human was created to embody the quest in all of us, a quest to improve, to push past the boundaries of our own limitations and to explore the vast untapped potential of the human condition.